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Medifacials vs routine facials


Here are some facts that will help you understand the difference:

  • What is difference between a routine facial and medifacial?
    Routine saloon facial only provides pampering and is not treating the skin. They also generally include harsh exfoliation, which strips the skins barrier and is unnecessary, as our cells regularly turn over and fall away from the skin naturally, without the need of forced exfoliation. In a facial, masks are applied and are generally left on the skin, where they only sit on the surface. This means a standard facial gives only temporary results that generally only last a few days. The products only sit on the skin's surface, and do not penetrate to the Dermis, where our skin does the most healing and repairing.
  • Why should you get medi-facials?
    Relaxation: Medi-facial has a relaxing effect on your skin when proper pressure is applied to the pressure points.
    Stress-buster: All of us know that stress can cause skin issues. A good medi-facial can cure any breakouts and renew the skin from within.
    Prevents bacterial breakouts: Medi-facial such as an anti-acne facial helps eradicate the bacteria that cause inflammation during breakouts with the help of LED light. It also reduces the pore size, stabilises oil production and promotes healthy cell growth.
    Anti-ageing effects: Serum used in medi-facials helps reduce signs of ageing and keeps the skin looking youthful
  • What are types of medi-facials ?
      Anti-acne facial
      Skin whitening facial
      Hydrating and firming facial
      Instant glow facial
      Oxy/Jet facial
      Diamond peel facial