Hair Loss Treatment in Pune

Hair is the first most noticeable part of your face. It enhances your personality. It’s an important part of your appearance. With a good hair on your scalp you will feel in control of yourself and ultimately feel confident.

Hair loss can be source of huge stress. Don't lose hope on losing hair. We, at Dermaplus clinic, will do our best to assure that you fulfill all your hopes of having voluminous hair.

Our expert doctor will diagnose the root cause and severity of your hair loss in order to treat it effectively and accordingly advise you the best regimen to suit your needs. We offer following hair services

Why to choose dermaplus for hair loss treatment?

Dermaplus is best skin clinic in Pune. We believe in treating hair loss after finding out the exact cause and correcting it accordingly. We approach to treat hair loss with medicines and if required add on procedures such as platelet rich plasma, low level laser light therapy and mesotherapy. All these are done under strict supervision of a dermatologist keeping your safety as a priority. So for all Hair loss treatments in Pune.. consult at Dermaplus skin clinic


Best skin clinic in Pune for hair loss. Highly recommended - Ajay, Pune

I was treated with scalp mesotherapy for three months and i am observing excellent results - Vikash Rathod, Pune

platelet rich plasma sessions for my genetic baldness have shown very good hair growth. Highly recommend for hair loss treatment in Pune - Mangesh Rane, Pune

Best skin specialist in pune and best skin clinic in pune for hair loss treatment - Vinay Kulkarni, Pune

My hair loss was diagnosed and traated well. Best skin specialist in pune - Vijay, Pune

Faq for hair loss treatments

1) how much is normal hair fall?

Ans: Losing around 100 hair per day is normal

2) why do we lose hair?

Ans:Crash diet, junk food, major illness, harmonal imbalances, stress, dietary deficiences, genetics and scalp diseases are major cause of hair loss

3)what measures can be taken to prevent hair loss?

Ans:Follow good lifestyle and diet, quit addictions, handle your hair gentlly and consult a dermatologist whenever you feel the hair loss is beyond your control or you need better advise

4) do hair loss treatments actually work?

Ans:Hair loss treatments from a dermatologist can give you back your hair and also bring back your confidence

5) how long does it take for hair loss treatment to work?

Ans:It takes atleast three months for any kind of hair loss treatment to show some good visible improvement and around 6 months to get a good scalp coverage. Human hair cycle is in such a way that hair grows at a very slow rate

Depression Treatment
LLLT therapy

LLLT is among one of the very few non surgical treatment modalities that has been approved by US-FDA (2007) for treatment of hair loss.                      

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Anxiety Treatment
PRP therapy

PRP is a non-surgical, therapeutic option for people suffering from hair loss. It is a unique hair restoration treatment with few risks and no recovery time.

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Couples Therapy
Scalp Mesotherapy

Using a specialized cocktail, your scalp is essentially given a vitamin boost which can improve the blood circulation in this area allowing hair follicles to be nourished

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Individual Treatment
Scalp micropigmentation

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is a series of tiny dots that are tattooed onto the scalp in between hairs.

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