Skin Disorder Treatments

At Dermaplus clinic, we treat all types of skin diseases and skin lesions including scalp and nail disorders and dermatosurgical procedures like skin biopsy, vitiligo surgery, nail surgery, cyst excision etc. Few common disorders are enlisted here.

Why to choose dream plus for Acne Scar Treatment?

At Dermaplus we believe in delivering you best possible improvement in you scars using the best US FDA approved Technology to keep your safety as our top priority


I rarely review, but I thought I should share this amazing experience. I had terrible acne in my teenage years which left me with severe scarring of all forms.I was depressed and wanted to get rid of it. So I visited this clinic in aundh two months ago. Where the doctor advised me with couple of creams to take control my acne breakouts and adviced me to take this gold standard "Vivace 11 machine for acne scars. Now it's been a month from my first session of vivace treatment, depth of scars has reduced and skin has become more even. I'm confident that by end of the treatment my face will have more improved and flawless skin.I thank dr. Meeta mantri for her great advice and care. I totally recommend this vivace treatment for scars. AMOGH, Pune

After struggling for almost 10 years with severe cystic acne, I visited Dr. Meeta Mantri for treatment. After acne treatment which completely resolved the problem, I took treatment for acne scars after being satisfied with the explanation about the procedure given by the doctor. Results take time to appear and I can see remarkable reduction in my scar depth. I highly recommend Dr. Mantri for skin treatments. RISHABH TATIRAJU, Pune

Very good experience. Dr is very friendly and answer every quieres and gives more time than any other doctor i ever visited. I'm very happy with the treatment and overall experience. VANDHANA

my face has cleared of acne in three months of treatment and my acne scars are improving very much as well, very economical clinic, doctor is honest and sincere and has very deep knowledge of her subject, highly recommended for acne and acne scar treatment SANGEETAJOSHI

Faq for Acne Scar Treatment?

1) can my acne scars be completely wiped out?

Ans: Once a scar its a scar for lifetime. With all the techniques available at the present in modern science complete 100% clearance of scars is just not possible. But that shouldn’t dishearten you. With the treatments you can achieve around 30 to 80 % improvement in their appearance. They become less prominent, shallow and less in diameter. Overall your look improves and so does your confidence. Mild scarring responds better than deep and severe scars

2) what is the cause of acne scar?

Ans:Scar may be hypertrophic or atrophic. Acne scars are usually atrophic scars. The redness and inflammation that occur when you get pimple or even white head, it leads to damage to the collagen protein in your skin. This leads to lack or deficit of collagen in the deeper layer that is dermis of tour skin. On the surface of skin this defect is seen as a pit or irregularity called scar

3) what is Vivace MNRF?

Ans:VIVACE IS A US FDA approved technology used for scar treatment and antiaging non surgical skin tightening all over the world.This machine stimulated skin’s wound healing capacity to produce more collagen that is lacking in scar. With each shot the 36 gold plated needles on the disposable cartridge penetrate your skin release the radiofrequency energy in the deeper layer of skin and comes out. This stimulated the production of collagen in your skin.

4) what is downtime (redness and swelling on face after treatment) after treatment session?

Ans:With the VIVACE MNRF microneedle radiofrequency that we use in our clinic, the downtime in most people on an average is around 24 hours

5) How many sessions of treatment are usually required?

Ans:Multiple sessions are done at 4 to 6 weekly interval. On an average person may require 4 to 8 sessions for significant improvement

6) How early are results seen?

Ans:Results begin to show up by around 4 to 8 weeks and go on improving with time. This is called collagen remodelling. Results may vary from person to person because everyones wound healing capacity is different and collagen synthesis

7) How is it done at Acne Scar Treatment?

Ans:A numbing cream is applied on face and kept like that for about 30 to 40 minutes to achieve good numbness. So that the procedure becomes painless with minimal discomfort for the patient. After this the face is cleansed and surgically prepared for the procedure. The procedure is done using vivace mnrf machine which is a US FDA APPROVED MACHINE. After the procedure antibiotic gel is applied on the skin