How to prevent hair fall?

Hair fall is one of the most common trouble everyone suffers from! Each hair strand going down the drain can be a cause of unnecessary anxiety and stress. The common causes of losing hair are genetic factors, harmonal changes, stress, illness, medications, excessive hair styling and coloring, pollution and improper diet. To combat and prevent it; it is necessary to find out the reason why it is occurring and treat it accordingly. Here are few general precautions that can be taken to avoid hair fall or to bring it under control at the earliest

  • Nutritional – Include diet rich in omega fatty acids, proteins, biotin. Get yourself checked for vitamin deficiencies such as iron stores in body, vitamin b12 and vitamin d3 . Seek professional help of a dermatologist if you are facing severe deficiencies
  • Shampoo & Conditioners – Use sulphate free and paraben free gentle shampoos for hairwash. Keep scalp clean however avoid over washing. Shampooing the hair twice or thrice per week should be enough. Use of conditioner is mandatory after shampooing to keep the hair strands from getting damaged, dry and brittle. If hair is too dry and brittle use a leave in conditioner for deeper conditioning
  • Medical treatments – many hair losses have underlying reasons. Seek consultaion with a dermatologist to find out what exactly is wrong in your case and start with appropriate treatments and medicines. Many a times early diagnosis and treatments help to control hair fall early and give better hair growth than in lately diagnosed cases. A stich in time saves nine.
  • Sun protection – Ultraviolet rays in sunlight may trigger and worsen many types of hair losses. Use hats, umbrellas and scarfs when out in strong sunlight
  • Styling procedures – Avoid styling procedures like hair straightening and curing of hair as these include use of harsh chemicals and high temperatures. They dry and dehydrate the hair shaft and cause evaporation of water bubbles in the hair shaft leaving them brittle and broken.
  • Scalp issues – scalp diseases are major cause of hair loss and dermatologists are qualified doctors to treat you well. Dandruff is fungal overpopulation of the scalp leading to more hair shedding. If you have dandruff issues and oily scalp use a antidandruff shampoo to keep it under control
  • Stress management & Lifestyle changes – Avoid and give up on addictions like smoking & drinking which cause free radical damage and increase oxidative stress leading to early aging and greying of hair and hair fall. Regular exercise and sleep is beneficial
  • Hypo allergic hair care products – hair dyes containing ammonia and PPD are major cause of scalp allergies and pigmentation problems on the face. Consult a nearby dermatologist to find out if you are suffering from any of these.
  • Hair care routine – use wide tooth comb for combing hair, avoid using a comb with very sharp tips. Do not comb when hair is wet. Prefer using wooden combs than plastic ones to avoid fizziness. Avoid rinsing hair with hot water. Do not tie hair too tightly. Avoid blow drying.